Jonas KOKO

Associate Professor (Maître de Conférences -- HDR) in Applied Mathematics


I am the manager (with R. Le Riche) of the MOCA Team at LIMOS. I am the manager (with F. Jabot, INRAE) of the deliverable "Decision-Making Tools and Models" for Challenge 1 (Sustainable agroecosystems in a context of global change) of I-SITE CAP2025 Project. My research topics are related to numerical optimization, scientific and parallel computing.

Contact information

Email jonas.koko (at)
Phone (+33) 4 73 40 50 18
To find me Bureau B113 -- ISIMA
Campus des Cezeaux
Postal address ISIMA - LIMOS
Campus Universitaire des Cezeaux 
1 rue de la Chebarde
TSA 60125
CS 60026
63178 Aubière cedex - France

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