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David Hill

David R.C. Hill

David Hill Benny

Research & Teaching Interests

David Hill

David R.C. Hill

David Hill Benny

Main Scientific Interests:

·  Discrete Modeling and Simulation,

·  High Performance Computing,

·  Reproducible Research,

·  Software and Model Engineering,

·  Life Science Research,

·  Artificial Intelligence,
·  Quantum computing.

·  Ethics in Research & Computer Science

Current Applications Domains:


·  Simulation Practice and Theory,

·  Particle Physics (with CERN),

·  Ecological & environmental Modeling,
·  Medicine and nuclear medicine.

Teaching in Computer Science:

·  High Performance Computing,

·  Sustainable computing,

·  Ethics for Computer Science and AI,

·  Algorithm optimization & Decision Aid Software,

·  Discrete and Stochastic Simulation,

·  Model Driven Engineering,

·  Object-oriented modeling and programming,

·  UML and Software Engineering tools.


Teaching in Biology and Philosophy of Science:


·  Ethics and sustainable development,

·  Ecological Modeling
·  Environmental Modeling,
·  Bioinformatics.

David R.C. Hill

David Hill Benny



Professor David Hill is doing his research at the French Centre for National Research (CNRS UMR 6158) in the LIMOS laboratory. He is currently head of a graduate track at Clermont-Auvergne INP (with 4 master degrees taught in English – selective scholarships are proposed for international students). Prof. Hill was Vice President of Blaise Pascal University (2008-2012) and also past director of a French Regional Computing Center (CRRI mesocenter). He was appointed two times deputy director (2005-2007 ; 2018-2021) of the Auvergne Institute of Computer Science ISIMA, a French “Grande Ecole d’Ingénieur”, delivering an engineering degree as part of Clermont Auvergne INP and UCA (University). ISIMA is a Public Engineering School in Computer Science & Modeling with Cti certification, where Prof. Hill managed various departments since 1994. He received his French qualification as Research Director in 2000 and the doctor degree in 1993 (in Object-Oriented Software Engineering and Simulation) all from Blaise Pascal University. He also holds a French "Diplome d'Ingenieur", DEA "Diplome d'Etude Avancee" (received in 1990) and a French Maitrise (1989). With Vincent Breton, he has been the scientific head of the AuverGrid the Regional Computing Mesocenter. Professor Hill has supervised and co-supervised more than 25 PhD students, authored or co-authored more than 250 papers and he has also published several text books. He recently supervised research at CERN (2019-2022).


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