Machine Learning in Brain Data Processing

Machine Learning in Brain Data Processing

Topographic Analysis of Electrode Contacts in Human Cortical Stimulation

Automatic tool for topographic analysis able to compute 2D maps from the 3D anatomic MRI.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Development of a TMS simulator.

Analysis of Segmentation Methods

First step of our longstanding collaboration with the University of Bergen, in Norway.

Anatomical / Functional Image Fusion

General framework for the fusion of Anatomical and Functional Images.

Brain image segmentation

Unsupervised fuzzy classification scheme for brain tissue segmentation

Fusion of Image/Expert information

Aggregation between a MR image and information resulting from expert knowledge.

MR/MR Image Fusion

Quantification of brain tissues using multispectral MR images fusion.

Topology correction of brain surfaces

Combined, voxel and surface based, topology correction method.